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Monthly Ad Spend: $1500-3499 ($50/day Platform Minimum)

  • Maximum Ad Campaigns: 3, Maximum Ads: 9 video ads

  • Ad Creation

  • Ad Optimization

  • Platforms: Instagram & Facebook

  • Month to Month Account Management

Best-Practice: $700 min. per video campaign, 4 Ads per Campaign


Monthly Ad Spend: $3500-6999

  • Maximum Ad Campaigns: 6, Maximum Ads: 18 video ads

  • Ad Creation

  • Ad Optimization

  • Platforms: Instagram & Facebook

  • Month to Month Account Management

Best Practice: $700 min. per video campaign, 4 Ads per Campaign


Monthly Ad Spend: $6999-10,000

  • Maximum Ad Campaigns: 6, Maximum Ads: 24 video ads

  • Ad Creation

  • Ad Optimization

  • Platforms: Instagram & Facebook

  • Month to Month Account Management

Best Practice: $700 min. per video campaign, 4 Ads per Campaign




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What does storytelling marketing look like?

To understand what lifestyle video advertising looks like, you first need to understand what short-form lifestyle commercials are in today’s digital landscape.

Lifestyle commercials are visual examples of the lifestyle values, and culture your customer absolutely wants to have or immerses themselves in. They include vertical and horizontal videos that are usually 15-60 seconds or less and they can be funny, educational, inspirational, engaging and more. Actors, dancers, influencers, and other talent may help bring a lifestyle video to life (No pun intended)

The most common formats we use are Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, Instagram Feed, and Facebook Feed.

Some of you may be super familiar with those, and some of you may feel intimidated by how unfamiliar you are with those media types.

Either way, our services can meet you where you are and bring value to the table.

Luxury brands have been blowing up using short-form lifestyle commercials because they can influence their customers perception of their products and services.

That’s why when you put advertising dollars behind your video content, it’s like a one-two punch in your marketing!

So on that note, let’s answer the question…

What Do Storytelling Advertising Services Entail?

As we mentioned, we can run short lifestyle commercial ads on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even Youtube.

Upon onboarding, we will determine which platforms make the most sense for your business given who your demographic is and where they spend the majority of their time online.

While we advise that you create a reasonable budget for each commercial, the actual video production is complimentary as long as you invest in advertising.

Once we complete the commercial video, we will edit it and put it together in a way that meets industry standards.

From there we will run it as a digital advertisement on the agreed platform!

This means instead of just posting the video to your profile hoping hashtags work, we will put the video in front of targeted people across the app for an ongoing period of time with your allocated budget

If you ever feel like people would love your product if they could just see it or know about it, this is the way to get it in front of them.


Benefits Of Lifestyle Video Advertising


Reach your target market by the masses


Drive traffic from social media to your website


Convert that traffic into sales or leads


Increased brand exposure and brand recall


Put your product directly in front of your target market


Increase brand authority via loyal followers and quality engagement


Keep your audience engaged with today’s preferred media type

What Makes Our Commercial Video Advertising Services Better Than The Rest?

Other Marketing Agencies

The Walter Mitty Studios

Other Marketing Agencies

The Walter Mitty Studios

Uses Stock footage 

We create custom video content for free

Little to no knowledge of your industry

Posts the same video to every platform

We work with luxury brands exlcusively

Accounts for the nuances and technical differences between TikTok, Instagram & Facebook

Digital Marketers

No bang for your buck

Social Media Marketers

Affordable prices with complimentary video production

Are You Ready To Take Your Brand To The Next Level with Storytelling Video Advertising Services?

As a small business owner, we know first-hand how many hats you wear. Let us take one off your plate!

Whether you’re a solopreneur right now, slowly but surely starting to build a team around you, or your an established brand, we know how much goes into running your business.

Oftentimes, hiring an experienced, full-time marketer in-house just isn’t an option yet! That’s where a team like The Walter Mitty Studios can come into play.

We are an affordable, creative storytelling marketing agency with a mission to help luxury brand businesses grow and creatives make a living.

Commercial videos are not just the way of the future- they’re the way of the PRESENT! If you’re not already utilizing commercial videos in your marketing strategy, you’re already behind the competition!

Commercial videos are the preferred media type by customers, and therefore they’re the best way to deliver advertisements to your audience!

And if you’ve given thought to your marketing funnel, you know that top-of-funnel followers, engagement, and social media exposure ultimately lead to bottom-of-funnel website traffic, leads and sales.

So if you’re ready to tap into the billions of customers on social media who log on every day in a buying mindset with strategy short video ads, contact us today!

Never pay for video production when you invest in our advertising services

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